“If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with them… the people who give you their food give you their heart.” -Cesar Chaves

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Growing up we always had guests at our table on the weekends. Whenever my mamma meet a new friend at the lab or heard of a foreign student coming to intern she always invited them for dinner. The meals were simple, heartfelt, delicious, and comforting. The guest came from all over the world with various ages and situations. My mamma never thought twice about cultural barriers or age gaps as differences- “we must all eat, right?”. At the end of the day even if they didn’t remember the meal they always remembered how they felt- the love and warmth naturally created by sharing a meal.

When my husband and I moved across the country for school I started to imitate what I’d seen my mother do. I invited new friends to dinner, organized potlucks, brought food to neighboring homes, and brought treats to coworkers (teachers love a yummy treat ). Sharing food is in my DNA. The friendships I formed by sharing meals created bonds of friendship with unbreakable roots. These people became my family away from home and I still cherish them to this day.

As the years passed I reflected on what my mamma created for others all those years ago. Since we didn’t have any immediate family in the United States she created a tribe for us as well as a safe landing place for newcomers. We’ve since moved back to Utah and live close to my parents. To this day you will see my mamma bring a meal to anyone in need and feeding souls as much as nurturing their physical body. I walk in her steps with the same desires while paving my own path …

➡️Tell me your memories around sharing meals with friends, family, and new people- near, far, or abroad.