⭐️How can we help? Can we bring your family a meal?” When my son Luca came nearly two months before his due date our world quickly stopped. While our little world temporarily halted the outside world of responsibilities accelerating at an unmanageable pace. I remember the days and nights blurring together- passing from home to NICU to spending rushed time with my oldest daughter and then repeating the cycle again. My heart traveled in countless directions wishing to stay in more than one place at a time. I bolted in and out of my kitchen instead of meditating over recipes and enjoying the beauty of creating. Different times and seasons in life bring forth a change in priorities.

⭐️I remember texts, phone calls, and messages of loving hands offering service. The most common phrase, “let us bring you a meal”. And they did, they came running with generous, nutritious, delicious and most of all, loving- meals. Theses meals helped heal my postpartum and nursing body and gave me energy to sustain the chaotic days. I’m forever grateful for all the ‘meals to heal’ that have been brought to my doorstep over the years.

⭐️After a loss, birth, tragedy, illness, or even a thoughtful deed on a rainy day I find myself yearning to deliver a meal Made with Amore. When I feel helpless in situations beyond my capacity of control I find it natural to serve through food.

For some it is flowers, a plant, maybe chocolate, or any other gracious thought. One is not better than another. They are all an act of compassionate love.

⭐️Has anyone ever brought you a meal that nourished your soul as much as your tummy? Meal to Heal ️


THANK a friend who brought you a meal

Written with Amore,


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