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“Time is a thief”, the daughter said. “It takes moments away in such a hurry”.

“Time is a gift”, the mother said. “Enjoy every moment that is given to you without expecting any more”.

Perspective. With all the wise people that guide me today and the ones that live in my ears as angels I hope to enjoy the little moments before they pass me bye-bye before my very eyes. I don’t want to wait until I’m old in years to realize all the lessons. Impatiently, I wait, realizing the irony of my impatience, as I strive to live the wise perspective in my NOW.

With age comes wisdom, patience, understanding, and perspective. I’m still in a hurry, catching up to my own constant race, but crave to slow.The voice of my nonno’s wise words still chime in my ears when I feel consumed in the rush of life, “con calma, Elena, tutto a poco a poco. Forza e coraggio” (stay calm/peaceful, Elena, a little at a time. Strength and courage).

GRATITUDE is born from loving what is in front of you, no matter the circumstance. The gift of seeing life as it is and not expecting more from that moment. Moving forward with courage through the trial and race we face with an unexplainable understanding: this is OUR time, our TIME we never get again. With peace, con calma, steady, steady we MOVE…

I’m the daughter still learning from my mother. I’m also the mother who is teaching her daughter….Is time a thief? Is it a gift? In the end- it’s both. The difference is PERSPECTIVE and GRATITUDE.

It’s a “New Year” 2021. What does that mean in the perspective of every year, every day, every moment, every hour is a gift…

How do you view TIME??

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Written with Amore,


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