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Tapestry of Life

🌟In Sardegna we have a special type of tapestry that is specific to our region of Italy. It is distinct and part of the Artigianato Sardo. A line of art that is almost disappearing in this day and age. I took this photo in our beach town of Pula, CA. This is a shop I’ve walked past all my life thinking this type of craft is “normal”.

✨In our fast paced, gimmie-gimmie yesterday, eye candy-all-day, mass produce, cheap-cheap, repeat, scroll-scroll-SCROLLING, I want MORE NOW world, it’s far from normal…

🌟Each piece crafted according to designs and patterns stored in an unwritten repository of techniques and styles, many unique to Sardegna, which over centuries had been passed through the hands of Sardinia’s women. Each piece speaks a story. Each DESIGN a story that a 15-30 second REEL will never achieve the power tell. It’s TIME, generations, patience, and history. A special touch from a human hand creating tangible art never lost- until forgotten.

✨Where will you store your deepest treasures? How will you pass them to your loved ones to keep them alive beyond your years?

🌟The ‘pibiones’ hand-weaving technique creates motifs in raised bobbles to give a bas-relief effect. This is done by winding thread round a long needle held above the warp threads on the loom. The motifs used are mostly from nature; flowers, grapes, and birds along with mythical and spiritually significant symbols.

✨If you were to create a tapestry from symbols in your life what would they be? Who would they be? How will you manifest these symbols into your life?

🌟I keep Sardinian tapestry in my home with pillows and rugs to remind me of the tapestry of life I must keep alive. A purpose to create a life that tells a story with meaning, passion, history, purpose, authenticity and LOVE. A story I live to tell by weaving my craft and sharing my God given talents in hopes to leave a smidge of a mark on this Earth. In my weaving I get tired. In my weaving I weep. In my weaving I falter. All the while, weaving the symbols I dare to share …

Written with Amore,

️ Elena

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Patience in the Craft